Myrtle Beach Vow Renewal for Your Anniversary!

Carolina Romantic Weddings are awesome for vow renewals on the beach! With our photography style that captures emotion and deep connection, and our love monkey wedding officiant who has a very fun and painless way to create the atmosphere for these feelings to take place, you’ll find yourself right at home on a beach and in each other’s arms!

Checklist for marrying the right person

1. Make sure you fall in love with someone who can ultimately be your friend. By your 10th year that friend will likely mean more to you than any lover ever could. And if you’re lucky enough to still have a buzz with each other at that point, you’ll be fully aware that six-pack abs, a full head of hair and the chiseled jaw of youth are all quite fabulous and chemistry-inducing as a starting point but ultimately can’t shake a stick at that friend who knows all your physical and emotional sweet spots and loves you despite the outward lessening of your previously-held vixen status.

2. Make sure you marry someone who can be a good mate. Very different criteria than a good boyfriend/girlfriend/lover. It requires things like stellar work ethic (a good job and the wherewithal to keep it), admirable responsibility (a solid sense of the point and purpose of saving money), age-appropriate skills (can pack his or her own bag and knows how to run the dishwasher), initiative powers (able to plan a trip and wrangle a loan officer). The list goes on. You get the idea.

3. Be very clear that the most important and essential emotions on the table are and will always be love, empathy, joy and compassion. Although fear of heights and strange aversions to late night romance movies do bear some consideration.

4. Have an unassailable sense of humor about pretty much everything. If you had a silly character who won your mate’s heart during the early days of hot times and easy laughter, make sure that character sticks around for the less whimsical years when a good laugh can save the day. These characters, like you, only get better with age.

5. Speaking of age, LOVE the aging process your mate is/will be going through. It can be brutal and self-negating and there is nothing quite like looking at him or her on a day when he or she is feeling particularly heinous and saying “you still look amazing to me.”

Because if you followed Items 1-5, I guarantee, they will still look amazing to you.

Beyond the list, I think we marry and stay married to that one special person is mostly because we cannot imagine life without them. Because no matter what accidents happen, how much they snore, what brain injuries occur, careers sputter, asses widen, money eludes, or disappointments pile up, that person is the one you want to endure with. Fight the good fight with. Wake up to in the morning even after a night of sorrow and confusion. They give you a sense of place, of foundation, of home. The “institution” that marriage speaks of is real and tangible to you because being married to this person feels like something concrete and physical, a place you want to live in. Because however love may change after all these years, the way it reinvents itself in each new moment feels as urgent and powerful as the first heady moment of recognition.

That’s how you know that you married the right person.

They are your foundation, your home, and you can’t imagine life without them. She is your precious and beautiful and smart and tender woman. He is your strong and loving man, who could build a shopping mall out of a paper clip if you were stranded on a deserted island together! And right here and right now as you read this, as your eyes water over and your heart is filled to bursting with all the feelings that you have every time your eyes meet, it’s just EXACTLY like the first time you saw each other. Exactly. For some reason, this never changes, never diminishes in intensity, this feeling of emotion and love.

It’s the both of you together, and it always will be.

You see that guy? That guy is in love with you….

Myrtle Beach Weddings with Doug and Cyndi Brooks

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